Terror Alert: Broker Warns Travellers to Check Insurance

Valuable items such as iPods, laptops and mobile phones may not be covered under standard travel insurance policies if lost or damaged now that they have to be stowed in airline baggage holds.

A Leicester independent insurance broker has received 100 enquiries from people worried about the effect of the terror alert on travel insurance.

Marsh and Company of Upper King Street, which specialises in travel insurance, is advising clients to check their policies before taking valuables abroad.

Airlines have banned passengers currently from carrying electrical equipment in hand luggage since the terror alert.

Marsh & Company managing director Rob Marsh comments: “A standard travel insurance policy normally covers the loss and damage of items when in the care of the policy holder. This doesn’t include items that are relinquished into the care of a carrier when placed in a suitcase and checked in.”

He adds: “We are advising holidaymakers to carefully check the wording of their travel policies and also their household insurance before taking valuables abroad. Most household policies can include a risk extension that provides 60 days’ world wide cover for all valuables no matter where they are kept, with higher single article limits that that of a travel policy.”

People with enquiries about travel insurance can call Valerie Whiteman at Marsh & Company on 0116 204 3400.