Marsh & Co. Reaches 3 Years of ‘Hope Against Cancer’ Support


Rob Marsh (Marsh & Co. Managing Director) with Eileen Richards (Hope For Cancer Trustee)


Currently celebrating its 20th year, Marsh & Co. has reached another milestone – it has now been working with Hope Against Cancer for over 3 years.

Managing Director Robert Marsh comments:

“When I was introduced to Hope Against Cancer by another supporter, my discussions with the team really struck a chord, and I realised it was exactly what we were looking for as a community business.”

Since then, Marsh and Co. has sponsored 3 local business lunches which proved ideal platforms for raising the overall profile of Hope Against Cancer by bringing it to the attention of local businesses and encouraging them to discuss the benefits of corporate social responsibility.

The last event was held on June 10th at Lumber’s new High street store and was attended by over 100 guests representing 70 companies. As with its predecessors, it saw some inspiring presentations from cancer patients and, most importantly, survivors.

Leicester continues to be at the forefront of cancer research, with Hope Against Cancer proving instrumental in the city becoming a national cancer research centre of excellence, one of only 15 in the UK.

Every penny raised by Hope Against Cancer is spent locally and directly here in Leicestershire, making it a perfect partner for Marsh & Co. which has established a proud record of supporting its community through charitable work.

Rob Marsh notes:

“Through having Hope Against Cancer as our designated charity, we feel out business is best able to engage with and help our community. Corporate social responsibility has rightfully become a popular topic in the media, and supporting amazing charities like Hope Against Cancer is a great way to make a real positive difference to your local community.”

In addition to their sponsorship of business lunches, the Marsh & Co. staff, being proud brokers for their local team (and current Premier League champions) Leicester City Football Club, regularly auction LCFC season tickets for charity, and have so far raised over £3000 through various Hope Against Cancer charity golf days and sporting dinners. They also enjoy participating in the annual Bold & Blue Day, last held last September when it raised over £8000 through the support of numerous local companies, shops, pubs, and restaurants.

In order to get even more from local business, an initiative called Hope Through Business was officially launched at the lunch on June 10th, and has already been very well received, with a number of companies kindly agreeing to play a part.

Rob Marsh says:

“I was absolutely delighted and proud to be invited to serve as a Business Ambassador for Hope Against Cancer, a role in which I hope my own experiences helming a local company will prove invaluable.”

Continuing to work with Hope Against Cancer in a long-term partnership, Marsh & Co. strongly encourages other local businesses to organise their own fundraising activities in support of this worthy cause.

Should you need more information or wish to discuss any aspect of this matter, please feel free to contact Rob Marsh, as he will be more than happy to discuss his own experiences with the charity.