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At Marsh & Co we can help to arrange insurance cover for your retail shop, office, farm, caravan park, trailer park, entertainment events, fairground events and much more. Our Insurance product list is endless hence no matter the business sector we are able to source the adequate product just for you, including Combined Business Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Office/Surgery Package, Property Owners, Niche Farm attraction cover & many more.

Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance is designed for businesses to simplify their insurance needs by combining various types of cover into one singular policy. This type of insurance provides broad protection across a range of key areas, including property damage, business interruption, liability, and equipment breakdown. The policy could be customised to suit the unique needs of different industries and sectors, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Providing bespoke insurance solutions to businesses of all sizes has always been our main focus. Our service includes a full review and assessment of all our clients’ insurance requirements. We will always take time to ensure clients fully understand their insurance cover.

Policy features can include:

Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Product Liability, Business Interruption, Legal expenses, Cover against damage and theft extending to cover accidental damages, Goods in Transit Cover, Money Cover, Cover for Engineering Inspections, Personal Accident and/or sickness risks and more.

Construction Insurance

No matter their experience, construction professionals are still susceptible to the risks and challenges inherent in the construction industry. That's why Construction Insurance is crucial for builders, contractors, and construction companies. It provides valuable protection against property damage resulting from natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.

Additionally, insurance for construction workers, businesses and contractors, can offer liability cover in the event of injuries or property damage to third parties. By securing this insurance, construction professionals can mitigate potential risks and safeguard their businesses from financial setbacks.

No matter where the construction site is based, whether that be in Leicester, Weston- Super- Mare, Somerset or anywhere else up and down the UK, we can offer cover for your employees in the event of an accident, cover to protect your construction site from theft, vandalism or damage as well as cover for your plant and machinery.

Policy features can include:
Public Liability, Employers Liability, Business Interruption Liability, Cover for plant and machinery, Stock and materials cover, Contract works/contractors all risks insurance, Existing buildings cover, Portable tool cover, Cover for hired in plant, Legal expenses Insurance and more.

Cyber Liability Insurance

As more businesses now operate online, their exposure to cyber threats increases. These risks can range from malware infections on work computers to cyber hacking and network breaches resulting in data theft. These issues can cause significant damage, resulting in business interruption or financial loss.

The purpose of Cyber Liability cover is to provide businesses with protection against liabilities associated with conducting online business activities. Cyber Liability Insurance is often recommended for any computer-based business with an internet presence that sends and receives information by email, and downloads or holds personal and sensitive data.

Policy features can include:
Financial losses, Collapse of your internet provider, Phishing, System damage, Unknowing copyright or trademark infringement, Intellectual property theft, Breach of confidentiality and more.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors' and Officers' Insurance, also referred to as D&O insurance, offers financial protection to individuals holding leadership positions within a company. Regardless of their specific title, such as partner, general manager, managing director, director, or officer, this insurance is designed to provide them with financial support in the event of legal claims or liabilities.

Insurance for directors and officers recognises the importance of these individuals in guiding the organisation and aims to safeguard their personal finances in the face of potential financial losses and risks.

Policy features can include:
Defending employment related wrongful acts, Legal representation, Claims for damages, judgements or settlements, Defending actions between directors of the same company, Tax contributions due after a company has become insolvent and liability ensues, Extradition proceedings.

Little girl holding lamb at farm attraction centre

Farm (NFAN) & Theme Park Insurance

Marsh & Company are an officially approved insurance broker to the National Farm Attractions Network. Our NFAN Insurance Scheme provides competitive policies for all NFAN members. Marsh & Company is highly enjoying a long relationship with the National Farm Attractions Network.

ogether with NFAN, we have worked hard to develop a competitive insurance scheme for members, with additional cover benefits such as closure of a premises by a competent authority, including E-coli outbreaks. Therefore, we offer Farm Insurance which is specifically designed for agricultural businesses that want to protect their business and livelihood.

Here at Marsh & Co, we can also offer Theme Park Insurance cover, for those who run or own amusement parks. Business insurance for amusement parks and fun fairs can help to protect your assets in the wake of injury and property damage claims made by third parties.

Policy features can include:
Liability cover - Employers, Public & Product Liability, Business Interruption cover, Assault cover for staff, Property & Buildings, Cover for amenities and contents, Accidental damage cover, Glass and fixed sanitary goods cover, Goods in transit cover, Loss of licence, Legal advice and more.

Leisure Insurance

The hospitality and leisure sector is one of the biggest industries in the UK, and each establishment within it requires customised insurance cover to address its specific needs. It can be a daunting task to find the appropriate Leisure Insurance cover that can effectively safeguard against risks associated with this industry such as: natural disasters, loss of income, accidental damage and injury and much more.

Acquiring the right insurance policy demands a comprehensive understanding of the insurance market and expertise to ensure that your business is adequately protected.

We can offer combined cover ensuring the security of your business at all times. Our excellent relationship with leading London insurers, as well as a portfolio of Nightclub Insurance solutions from other UK insurers, allows us to provide you with a tailor-made insurance package at preferential rates.

Policy features can include:
Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Business Interruption Cover, Product Liability Insurance, Money Insurance - covering money in transit, Buildings Cover including contents, Goods in Transit Cover, Cover for stock and materials, Loss of licence, Loss of rent, Legal expenses and more.

Motor Fleet Insurance

By selecting one policy to cover your group of vehicles, you can ensure that they receive the same level of protection and share a single renewal date. Opting for this type of insurance is particularly beneficial for businesses with fleets of cars, vans, HGVs or lorries, as it provides a cost-effective means of insuring multiple vehicles with a combined policy.

This helps streamline the insurance process, ultimately saving you valuable time and money. It is an essential cover for businesses that run at least three company vehicles, helping to ensure that your insurance needs are adequately met.

Policy features can include:

Comprehensive cover against fire, theft and third party claims, A dedicated claims team - with a 24 hour claim and accident helpline, Breakdown and roadside recovery, Courtesy vehicle due to accident, European cover, Any driver cover on most vehicles (age dependent), Uninsured loss recovery, Fleet Management and Driver Training access.

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Office/Surgery Insurance

Office/Surgery Package Insurance, is a policy designed for all types of small office-based businesses such as graphic designers, solicitors and accountants, providing physical assets and essential liability cover all in one policy.

We strive to help all businesses across the country, irrespective of their location - whether in Leicester, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, or anywhere up and down the UK, we aim to find you the most suitable cover for your office or surgery.

A combined office/surgery package insurance can provide cover for contents and computer equipment to the public, employers’ and product liability. This insurance is a combined policy that can include different types of cover. It is designed to offer protection for the business against various risks that could potentially arise within the office environment. Such risks may include damage to property, theft, natural disasters, or injury to employees or clients visiting the office.

Policy features can include:
Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Business Interruption, Legal expenses, Money Insurance, Personal accident or assault cover, Equipment breakdown, Material damage, Buildings cover, Contents cover in the case of fire, flood, etc.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance can help to protect your business against claims you have made as a mistake or offered poor or misleading advice or misselling a product you desinged or breaching a duty of care.

It is necessary protection for any business, large or small, that provides services, or professional advice to clients, such as architects, lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, solicitors and consultants, or those in the maintenance and transport fields.

Policy features can include:
Flexible cover levels, Costs incurred for breach of professional duty, Dishonesty of employees, Breach of confidentiality, Unknowing copyright or trademark infringement, Unintentional intellectual property theft, or false attribution of authority, Defamation and loss of reputation, Bodily injury arising from breach of professional duty.

Property Owners Insurance

Having Property Owners Insurance can help to protect you from risks associated with owning a building or property. This can include: Fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage and natural disasters. No matter if your property is a residential, commercial, or a combination of both, whether it is located in Lecister, Weston-Super-Mare, or even further afield, our aim is to obtain the perfect Property Owners Insurance that suits your distinct insurance needs and preferences. 

Property Insurance can be tailored to cover almost every type of building – barn conversions, factories, retail shops, office blocks, residential buildings, student lets, overseas and unoccupied properties. It also covers buildings constructed of non-standard materials and properties at high risk of flooding or subsidence.

Policy features can include:

Reinstatement cost of your property, Cover for your liabilities as a property owner inc. maintenance staff employers liability, Loss of rent or the cost of alternative accommodation, Damage to cables and underground pipes, Landlords Legal expenses and more.

Showmans Insurance

Marsh & Company have the ability to provide cover and competitive premiums for Showman Insurance, being backed by long-established UK Insurers.

Having Showman or Fairground Insurance is vital for any business that operates as a circus, funfair or a travelling show. Although most events typically proceed without incident, it's important to acknowledge the possibility of injury, loss, vandalism, or damage. In such unfortunate cases, you can take comfort in knowing that our committed claims team will provide you with peace of mind and to ensure the smooth running of your operations.

Trade covers available, but not restricted to:

  • All Risk cover for rides, inflatables, catering equipment, booths, stalls/hooplas; many more fair ground attractions

  • Employers Liability – insurance claims arising from injury to employees

  • Public Liability – Accidental injury to persons or damage to their property

  • Goods In transit extension

  • Motor Vehicle Cover – including commercial vehicles, lorries, vans; pick ups

  • Legal Expenses extension